&SAP_EDIT not working?

Depending on your SAP version you might have possibility to use &SAP_EDIT command in SE16 or not.
For those who have not heard about this command earlier we can say that is like a secret option which lets you to directly edit/delete/insert the data of a table.
Of course under normal circumstances this is something which you should never do on a production system.
Because this may lead to data inconsistencies and cause serious damage to your system.
Having informed you about the danger if you still would like to see here is how you can do it by debugging.

in order to use &SAP_EDIT in breakpoint on LSE16NI01 perform fill_sap_edit
or better in LSE16NF10 / if ld_on <> true. and set ld_on = true
later continue with debug and set sy-subrc to 0 whenever necessary

Of course the prerequisite is that you should have the authorization to debug.

Probably the better way to do this rather than debugging everytime is to reactivate the &SAP_EDIT option.
For more detailed information on how and why SAP deactivated this you can consult the below SAP Notes.

1420281 – CO-OM tools: SE16N: Deactivating &SAP_EDIT
1446530 – CO-OM tools: SE16N: Technical enhancement

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