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How to convert chm help files to Winword doc files without using any converter program?

After spending a few hours searching for a good converter program to convert my chm files to word and not being satisfied with any of the results, I decided to find another way to do this myself. I gave a little thinking and come up with a solution in the end.

Chm files have the ability to print the content of the selected heading and the topics following it. So by using this ability we have the chance to catch the full text of the help files even preserving all the formatting options. And here is how to make it with an example.


When you select the option “print the selected heading and all subtopics” from the toolbar buttons or by right clicking on the heading you choose, all the content of the following topics are automatically spooled into a single html file before being sent to the printer. If the pages to be spooled are just a few pages you may not have recognized this earlier but if the topics are crowded then you probably saw a small square shaped internet explorer window opening on your screen. This window contains the text you want to have printed. But since it has no toolbar, no menu and you wont be able to make right click on it you will not be able to do anything much with this window.



So first thing we do is to locate the chm file that we want to convert.



chm file

chm file


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02 2010