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Automatic PO creation

Create Purchase Order Automatically in Purchasing
In order to create automatically Purchase Orders from Purchase Requisitions you need to do the following in general.
Activate ‘auto PO’ indicator for material master
Activate ‘auto PO’ indicator for vendor master
Create purchasing Info records for the material
Create source lists
Activate SAP Business Workflow
The business object for the sales order is called BUS2032. The ALE indicator Create PO automatic. in the item category is used to control that the event ALECREATED and/or ALE CHANGED is triggered. For this event, the event linking must be activated to the receiver function module PUR_ORDER_CREATE_VIA_SD_EVENT and/or PUR_ORDER_CHANGE_VIA_SD_EVENT.

Create Purchase Requisitions using T Code ME51 or ME51N

Use T. Code ME59 or ME59N for auto conversion of PR into purchase order


07 2015