Pricing Analysis in CRM

The purpose pricing analysis is to check the condition accesses with the pricing procedure in a sales or service document.
What you need to do in order to reach to Price Analysis in CRM is…

1) Set the pricing trace parameter , for this you need to follow the menu as listed below:
From your SAPGUI go to SYSTEM / USER PROFILE / OWN DATE, from there go to the third tab ‘PARAMETERS’ (t-code SU3)
Enter parameter PRC_TRACE and enter X in the parameter value column.

2) In SAPGUI use t-code CRMD_ORDER, enter the document number for which you want to analyse the pricing and use edit mode.

Then branch to the item and select the condition tab. Click on Accesses button. This should list the pricing analysis. If not use the update button first and then the accesses button.

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