ALE / EDI / IDoc T-Codes

Important IDoc Transaction Codes

SALE – IMG ALE Configuration root
WE20 – Manually maintain partner profiles
BD64 – Maintain customer distribution model
BD71 – Distribute customer distribution model
SM59 – Create RFC Destinations
BDM5 – Consistency check (Transaction scenarios)
BD82 – Generate Partner Profiles
BD61 – Activate Change Pointers – Globally
BD50 – Activate Change Pointer for Msg Type
BD52 – Activate change pointer per change.doc object
BD59 – Allocation object type -> IDOC type
BD56 – Maintain IDOC Segment Filters
BD53 – Reduction of Message Types
BD21 – Select Change Pointer
BD87 – Status Monitor for ALE Messages
BDM5 – Consistency check (Transaction scenarios)
BD62 – Define rules
BD79 – Maintain rules
BD55 – Defining settings for IDoc conversion
WEDI – ALE IDoc Administration
WE21 – Ports in Idoc processing
WE60 – IDoc documentation
SARA – IDoc archiving (Object type IDOC)
WE47 – IDoc status maintenance
WE07 – IDoc statistics

BALE – ALE Distribution Administration
WE05 – IDoc overview
BD87 – Inbound IDoc reprocessing
BD88 – Outbound IDoc reprocessing
BDM2 – IDoc Trace
BDM7 – IDoc Audit Analysis
BD21 – Create IDocs from change pointers
SM58 – Schedule RFC Failures

Basic config for Distributed data:
BD64: Maintain a Distributed Model
BD82: Generate Partner Profile
BD64: Distribute the distribution Model

RBDMIDOC – Creating IDoc Type from Change Pointers
RSEOUT00 – Process all selected IDocs (EDI) -> WE14
RBDAPP01 – Inbound Processing of IDocs Ready for Transfer
RSARFCEX – Execute Calls Not Yet Executed
RBDMOIND – Status Conversion with Successful tRFC Execution
RBDMANIN – Start error handling for non-posted IDocs
RBDSTATE – Send Audit Confirmations
For testing you can use WE19

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