SAP BW Transaction Listesi

Başlıca SAP BW Transaction kodları
BAPI   Bapi explorer   
CMOD   Project Administration of SAP Enhancements 
FILE   Maintenance of logicla file paths 
LISTCUBE  List viewer for data targets (->Basis Cubes , ODS Objects, Charachtesistics Info Objects) 
LISTSCHEMA  Schema viewer for basis cubes (includeeing aggreagtes) 
PFCG   Role maintenance 
RRC1,RRC2,RRC3  Create/Change/Display currency exchange rate definitons 
RRMX   Starting BEX Analyzer 
RS12   Displaying and deleting lock entries in tables 
RSA1   Administrator Workbench (Modelling) 
RSA11   Administrator Workbench ( ->InfoProvider ) 
RSA12   Administrator Workbench ( ->InfoSources ) 
RSA13   Administrator Workbench ( ->SourceSystems ) 
RSA14   Administrator Workbench ( ->InfoObjects ) 
RSA3   Extractor Checker sapi 3.0 
RSA5   Transferring Datasources from Business Content 
RSA6   Post Processing Datasources and component hierarchy 
RSA7   Maintaining the delta queue 
RSA9   Transferring application component from Business Content 
RSBBS   Maintaining jumps for the RRI (Report to Report Interface) 
RSCUSTV1  Modifying the settting of flat files (-> Thousand, decimal and field seperators as well as field delimeters) 
RSCUSTV6  Modifying the threshold values for data loading processes (-> Package size, PSA partition size, frequency status IDOC)
RSCUSTV8  Changing the aggreagate change run settings (Threshold value for rebuild, block size) 
RSD1, RSD2, RSD3  Maintaining InfoObjects of Characteristics/Key Figures/Unit Types) 
RSD4, RSD5  Processing technical and time characteristics 
RSDBC   DB connect: Selecting tables and views 
RSDDV   Maintaining aggreates 
RSDIOBC  Editing InfoObjectCatalogs 
RSDMD   Maintiaiing master data for a characteristic 
RSDMPROM  Maintiaing multi providers 
RSDODS   Editing ODS Objects 
RSDV   Maintaiing the validity slice (->Basic cubes containşng key figures of non-cumulative value type 
RSFH   Testing tool for transaciton-data extractors 
RSIMG   BW Customizing gudelines 
RSISET   Maintenance of InfoSets 
RSKC   Maintenace of additional charachters allowed in BW 
RSMD   Testing tool for master-data extractors 
RSMO   Monitor 
RSMON   Administrator Workbench monitor 
RSMONCOLOR  Valuation of requests 
RSO2   Maintenance of generic datasources 
RSO3   Setting up of delta extraction for attributes and texts 
RSOR   Administration workbench (->Metadata Repository) 
RSORBCT  Administration workbench (->Business Content) 
RSPC   Maintenance of Process Chains 
RSRT   Query monitor 
RSRTRACE  Query trace 
RSRV   Analysis and repair of BW Objects 
RSSM   Maintenance of reporting authorization objects obsolote use RSECADMIN
RSU1,RSU2, RSU3 Create view change update rules (-> Basic Cubes and ODS Objects) 
SARA   Arrchive Administration 
SBIW   Viewing the guidelines (->Customizing Extractors) 
SE03   Transport organizor tools 
SICF   System Internet Communication Framework Mainteannce 
sM12   Lock entries 
SM21   Online evaluation system log 
SM59   Maintenance of RFC connections 
sm62    maintenance of events 
sm66   global work process overwiev 
SMX   system -> own jobs 
SQ02   sap query /ınfo Sets Maintenance 
SQ10   Assigning Query/ınfosets to user and role 
ST03   BW statistics 
ST05    performance analysis 
SU24   Maintenance of role templates 
SU53   resolving error codes at the authprization level 
TRSA   Testitng tool service API 
LBWE   Logistic extract structures customizing cockpit 
KEBO   Create view delete CO-PA Datasource 
SMQ1   qrfc monitor (outbound queue)

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